How Rite App Works for Trade Professionals

For licensed and insured companies and trades professionals:

  • Download the FREE Rite App
  • Register an administrative account and list as many tradesmen as you like
  • As the administrator you are in charge with the availabilities of your tradesmen so that the Rite App’s customer requests will not interfere with your previously scheduled jobs from outside the app
  • Once all of the tradespersons profiles are complete, they will be visible to customer looking for your services in your area of choice
  • If you need to make changes to your company or tradesmen profiles go back and update them for FREE as many times as you like
  • End of the day… Sign Off with the options of staying on the map as unavailable (with your base address visible) or completely be off the map. No worries, if someone is looking for you when you are not on the map, they will be able to send you a request which you can answer at your convenience
  • Financial arrangements are directly between you and the customer with no fees or percentage deducted from the transaction by Rite App

Advertising options
Do you want to advertise services, discounts or rate changes? You can, right within your profile. You can have your ad listed on all “Daily Deals” of all registered customers in your area of choice.
Find your spot on the Rite Handyman or the Rite Pro Trade!

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