Rite App Benefits

Rite App benefits for the customer:

  • Instant access to registered tradespeople in your immediate vicinity or a pre-set address
  • Full access (with your registered account) to the tradesperson’s detailed profile
  • View posted rates, ratings, reviews and immediate availabilities to help you choose the right tradesperson
  • Hire an available tradesperson immediately or schedule an appointment
  • View “Daily Deals” on the Tradeperson’s tab on suppliers and service
  • Pay the tradesperson directly
  • No sign-up fee!

Rite App benefits for the tradespeople:

  • Boost your business’s visibility within the community by allowing your business to be seen by customers all the time
  • Change your rates at any time at no cost to your business
  • Set your hours of operations to show when you are available
  • Drive customer leads by advertising on the Rite App
  • Unlimited access to the Rite App platforms
  • Manage and update your profile any time
  • Advertise Daily Deals for just $0.99 per day

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