Two Real-life Situations When Rite App Can Save You

1. You are hosting a dinner party at 7:00pm. Sink gets clogged at 6:00pm. Panic sets in because there are mounds of dishes that need to get cleaned. You need a plumber asap. Fortunately, you have already downloaded Rite App. You quickly search for a plumber in your area. Plumber is 10 minutes away. Plumber is hired and fixes the clogged sink. You are happy. Party is successful.

2. In-laws called at noon and they will be there at 2:00pm for a surprise visit. You realize that you have been too busy to maintain the lawn. You make a quick search for a handy person to mow the lawn on Rite App. Lawn in mowed by 1:30pm. You are happy and fully enjoy the visit.

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