Rite App Industry Trends

As the economy continues to recover and consumer caution mounts, major retailers leverage their stronger financial position and greater bargaining power with suppliers to offer lower price options, which is more important to consumers now than ever. Industry feedback indicates that consumers and professionals alike feel more and more comfortable shopping at big-box stores, among which Home Depot Canada and Lowes, two US-based home and garden retailers, are enjoying particular success and growth. However, at the same time, smaller retailers including many of the independents appeal to consumers with an online presence and offerings of specialty products and more personalized services.

All these create a huge demand on the skilled tradesmen needed to complete small to medium reno projects. To add to the difficulty in finding a tradesmen in large urban areas like Toronto and Vancouver, the “hot” real-estate markets are in need of fast and reliable services more than ever.

With the older generation expanding at a faster rate than the country’s average population growth, their needs in terms of maintenance and renovations of their properties increased significantly in recent years. The continuing urbanization trend helps drive the need of tradesmen for day-to-day repairs and maintenance of condominiums and multi-unit housing as well as detached family homes at new heights.

Consumers and service providers are increasingly relying on their smart phones in both their daily personal and business related decisions. Today’s smart devices can provide everything from direction to physical stores to find and pay for services through their digital wallet. Manufacturers, retailers tradespersons alike are adapting to this new technology paradigm by trying to engage with their customers via their smart phones more than desktops.

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