How to get more out of Rite App as a Customer


When you Sign In the app will show you all available and unavailable tradespersons and companies within your preset service area. You can browse through their profiles and choose the one(s) you will like to Hire.

TIP: You can also filter the map using your location, a specific other address or a specific tradesperson or company name.

Because the Rite App is designed to be an On Demand service app, the service provider that you chose will answer you within 10 minutes if he/she is available (green) or within 24 hours if unavailable (blue or red).


Once the Service Request is accepted you can communicate directly with the tradesperson trough the app’s messaging options and make all necessary arrangements. When the tradesperson is ready to go to the job site Rite App will send you a notification letting you know that the tradesman is on its way. You have a clear ETA and you will be able to GPS track his movement on your device.


Once the job is completed Rite App will send you a Job Done notification. You will be asked to rate the tradesperson and comment on the work performed. The payment arrangements for the service will be made between you and the tradesman without Rite App interference.

TIP: If you represent a company with multiple locations you may manage multiple jobs at the time from your profile. These locations will be previously set into your profile or you can search for tradespersons by address each time.


Under the Job History tab you can view your previous jobs and add ratings and comments for the tradespersons you hired. Your comments will appear on the trade’s profile and it they will be available to other customers. Inappropriate or unrelated comments can be filtered by the tradesperson but the overall rating will still counts. The 5 categories you can use to rate the tradesperson are: Job Completion, Skills, Preparedness, Appearance and Overall Service.


The Daily Deals tab allows you to find rate discounts of the tradespersons on your preset surrounding area. In the future this tab will also feature a variety of deals from a variety of business and service providers.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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