How to get more out of Rite App as a Tradesperson


When you Sign In the app will acknowledge you as available and customers within your preset service area will send you requests. Because Rite App is designed to be an On Demand service app, the service request must be answered within 10 minutes. Once the Service Request is accepted you can communicate directly with the customer through the app’s messaging options and make all necessary arrangements. When you are ready to go to the job site please go to your Active Job tab in your profile, chose the job and tap On My Way. The customer will receive your acceptance and he/she will have your ETA.


Once you complete the job please go back into you’re Active Job, open the job and tap Job Done. This will send a job completion message to the customer and then you will become available again. The payment arrangements for the work you did will be settled between you and the customer.

You may also receive multiple jobs at the time. You will find them all in your profile New Jobs/Pending. Previously scheduled jobs will be found in New Jobs/Scheduled.


Under the Job History tab you can view your previous jobs and the ratings and comments from your customers.

TIP: If you like to have a job and comment listed on your profile just highlight the job from the right lover corner bottom. The comments on this job will appear on to your profile and it will be visible by customers. A non-highlighted job comments will not be available to the customers but the overall rating will still count.

The 5 categories a customer will use to rate you are: Job Completion, Skills, Preparedness, Appearance and Overall Service.


When signing off Rite App, the system stops tracking your location and lists you as non-available. The location you sign off from will be shown on the customer map as a red marker (if you choose the option Keep Me On Map) or kept on a list of unavailable tradespersons in the area on the bottom of the customers screen without showing any location to the customer (if you chose the Sign Out option). The customers will still have the option to see your profile and send you Service Request without knowing your location. You will need to Sign In to your account to see the request in this case.

TIP: If you do not want Rite App to follow your GPS location just go into your profile and change the To Be Found option from By Location to By Address. In this case the customers looking for your services will only find you by the address you listed.


The Daily Deals tab allows you to find a variety of deals and advertising in the surrounding area from manufactures and suppliers to pubs and auto services.
You can also advertise your rates on the Customer’s Daily Deals tab for $0.99. A question will pop-up when you change your rate with the option of advertising your rate change or not.

Please feel free and contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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