About Rite App

It is increasingly difficult to find someone qualified to take on daily home or property maintenance tasks, not to mention repairs or renovations. Searching on the internet will provide you with a list of names based on your searches but no information about the tradesperson, their abilities, qualifications or reviews of previous engagements, and you will need to vet each contractor.

Rite Group Ventures Inc. has developed Rite App to simplify customers finding contractors and tradespeople to list their business and background.

For customers
The Rite App allows registered customers to find tradespeople or companies within their vicinity or area of interest as well as full access to their profile, services, availability, pricing, and reviews of previous jobs.

For tradespeople
The Rite App is specifically geared toward individuals and companies who are looking to grow their business and stay competitive in the new era of smart phones and apps. The Rite App has been designed for two tiers of tradespersons: Individuals and Companies.
For the tradespersons and the handymen who would like to make some extra money on the weekend, the Tradesperson tier of Rite App is the perfect choice.
For the professional insured and licensed companies, the Company tier offers the best platform to have your presence known in an area. This tier allows businesses with more than one employee to have control over its employees’ availabilities and visibility to the customers without affecting scheduled appointments made outside the Rite App.

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